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LOCTrailingMA is a Moving Average (MA) based order trailing expert advisor (EA) with a breakeven functionality.

LOCTrailingMA expert advisor will automatically trail your opened positions using Moving Average indicator. Also it allows you to specify a breakeven level to automatically move your stop loss in a breakeven after a certain pips of profit. EA can be configured to track all opened orders on a pair or only those which are marked with a special comment.

How this expert advisor works.
This type of ea doesn’t open orders itself. The main goal of this ea is to protect with a stoploss opened orders. It can protect all orders on the pair or only those marked with a predefined comment. The working process looks like this:

1. You open an order buy or sell.
2. EA monitors it and after certain pips of profit sets the stop loss.
3. EA moves the SL value in your favor with the selected MA settings.

For example:
You can protect your order with a stoploss of 1 pip after 15 pips of profit. The breakeven function is right for that.
And start trail using 14 period Moving Average.

LOCTrailingMA Expert Advisor Features
  • trailing algorithms - Simple, Moving Average (MA) Based
  • Breakeven Functionality
  • Live visual info about orders the EA is tracking
  • Customizable input parameters of the indicators used.
  • Tracking specific orders by a comment
  • Can move SL only in profit area or instantly after an order was placed.
  • Can set Stoploss and Takeprofit instantly after an order is placed.
  • Works on any timeframe and any pair.
  • Works on 4 digit and 5 digit accounts.

More detailed info about LOCTrailingMA EA and input parameter description you can find in the manual:
LOCTrailingMA Expert Advisor Manual (PDF)

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